Basic method of pachinko

Basic method of pachinko

Even if I try to play pachinko, I don’t know what to prepare. What should I do to play pachinko?

Things necessary

Depending on the type, each pachinko ball is priced from 0.1 yen to 4 yen. I buy these in bulk and put them in a pachinko machine to play. You can start with a small amount of about 1000 yen, but it seems that many people prepare about 10,000 to 20,000 yen if they want to make a little money.

how to play

When playing, choose a pachinko machine and prepare a ball. Balls can be rented automatically from a small amount by machine. When you’re ready, put the ball in the table and turn the handle with your right hand.

When you turn the handle, the ball pops out on the table. If you can score the ball well, you are successful!